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Aluminium Flood Barrier

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This aluminium flood barrier can be used for doors, driveways and garage doors to protect properties against flooding. This barrier provides strong, versatile flood control and is suitable for residential and commercial properties.

Available for single, double or sliding doors, this aluminium barrier is lightweight and easy to build, dismantle and store for repeated use.

Barrier posts can be covered when not in use and covers are available in a range of colours to match your home or business. This flood barrier has been designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.K. and has been rigorously tested to comply with BSI Standard PAS1188 on allowable leakage rates for demountable flood defence barriers.

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Product Benefits

  • High quality barrier built to last.
  • Strong lightweight aluminium.
  • Anodized finish.
  • Ground U channel for watertight seal with cover plate to avoid tripping.
  • Tried and tested – proven to work in real-life floods.
  • Watertight seal for side/middle posts and ground U channel.
  • No tools needed, installation & dismantling is quick & simple.

Product Specification

  • Side/middle posts with permanent pressing locks/clamps, easily turned by hand to secure/release.
  • Tested to 2.1m height, zero leakage.
  • No width or height limitation.
  • Easily stored for repeated use.
  • Option for supply only or fully installed.
  • Maintenance-free (supply and fit only) 2-year guarantee (supply and fit only).

How to measure for a Flood Barrier

Measure for a Floodworks barrier between the brickwork as shown in measurement A below (overall width of doorframe).

Choose the Floodworks size which matches your requirements.

The main routes through which floodwater can enter the typical home are through the air bricks, doors, piped drains (for toilets, washing machines, wash hand basins etc), service openings in walls (for water supply, telecoms etc.) and through permeable walls.

Typical measures to prevent water ingress through these common floodwater entry points include both manual and automatic resistance products. Manual products must be fitted (or deployed) by the property owner in advance of an impending flood, whereas the automatic products are permanently installed and provide continuous protection from the moment they are fixed.

Additional Image

Measurement A – overall width of the doorframe. The barrier to fit between the doorframe.