Miscellaneous Flood Defence

There are several protective elements which come together to offer complete property protection in the event of  a flood.


Non-Return Valves

There is a number of different non-return valves, each designed to protect homes from sewage back-flow in the event of a flood. Non-return valves are automatic, and do not need deployment. If checked regularly, they offer peace of mind that your home will be protected from sewage back-flow in the event of a flood. 


Anti-Flood Airbrick

Airbricks and vents are a primary point of water entry. Anti-flood airbricks are an effective way of preventing water entering the home in the event of a flood. Acting as a standard airbrick, the anti-flood airbrick allows air to flow unrestricted, but in flood conditions it will automatically shut off. 


Sump & Pump Systems

A robust flood defence measure for pumping water out from below ground

Submersible Flood Pumps represent a crucial flood defence solution for properties subject to flood water rising below ground.


Sealants and Fillers

To ensure total property protection, is is essential that the render of a property be checked and sealed accordingly. Any potential water entry points need to be identified and sealed.