Preventative Measures

Minimise the risk of any water damage to your property.

Even a small amount of water in your home or business can cause damage and it’s not just doorways that provide an easy route for water to enter a property.

At Floodworks we offer a range of preventative measures to help your home or business from flooding. We will carry out a professional survey at your property and will give you guidance on how to protect your property from flooding.

We supply a range of Floodworks preventative measures:
  • Sealants
  • Non-Return Valves
  • Airbricks

Our Flood Protection Solutions will significantly minimise the risk of any water damage to your property.

Our team provide a complete service, from initial consultation and advice in choosing the right Flood Protection Solutions for you, to the installation of the finished product. Floodworks aim to ensure that you are protected from any further flooding and completely satisfied with your flood prevention.