Flood Doors

Protecting Doorways from Flood Water.

Flood Doors are a permanent and practical way to stop flood water damaging your property.

At FloodworksPro all Flood Doors we supply are personalised to your requirements and taste, with an option on single or double doors, each designed specially to withstand flooding to 600mm.

We will carry out a professional flood door survey at your property and will fit your high-quality flood door specifically to suit your specification and needs. Our Flood Doors are not only reliable and highly effective, but also stylish and can be designed to best suit your property.

We supply Hardwood, PVC & Composite Flood Doors with:
  • Range of Colours/Styles
  • Range of Glazing Options
  • Multipoint Locking System
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Our Flood Doors are 100% watertight and will significantly minimise the risk of any water damage.

Our team provide a complete service, from initial consultation and advice in choosing the right Flood Door for you, to the installation of the finished product. The wide range of styles and colours on offer ensures that you will find a Flood Door to suit your property. Floodworks aim to ensure that you are protected from any further flooding and completely satisfied with your flood prevention.