• C Carvello
    Job: Lisburn Road Belfast
    "Senior management visited the site regularly and are fully updated on the project progress on a day-by-day basis.

    Staff employed are competent, professional, courteous and well mannered. Clients property is treated with care. All debris and waste is properly cleared daily.

    Good technical advice when sought is provided.

    A flexible organisation that can be trusted."
  • Patrick F Corr Q.S.
    Job: New Mossley
    "The company's organisation on site, including liaison with statutory bodies, ensured that each section of the job was started and completed most satisfactorily and on schedule.

    Monthly site meetings were held to review progress and detailed reports were carefully prepared and presented by the company for approval. Any item requiring attention was promptly responded to.

    The standard of workmanship throughout this contract was to be recommended, including all building, mechanical, electrical and external ground works.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending this company for any similar contracts in the future."
  • Cogan & Shackleton Consulting Engineers
    Job: Tullycarnet
    "This company always communicated well with statutory bodies, and if something unusual had to dealt with, it
    was attended to promptly to ensure that each section was completed on time. The overall job in fact was
    completed ahead of the contract time.

    The company completed detailed site reports for site meetings that were held every month. These site
    meetings were held to advise us and the client of the progress of the job. The meetings were also used to
    instruct the contractor about extra work that was sometimes required. Instructions were invariably acted on
    and dealt with quickly.

    The workmanship in all facets of the job, building, electrical and mechanical was completed to a high

    This is a company that we would recommend"